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What Is There To Do On Lake Tashmoo?

Lake Tashmoo Lake Tashmoo, on northeastern Martha’s Vineyard, is a calm, beautiful lake located just minutes from nearby Vineyard Haven.  According to legend, the lake received its name after Tashmoo, son of Phohoganot, came to the area and discovered paradise.  We don’t like to brag, but we think he might’ve been right.

Here are our favorite things to do on Lake Tashmoo:

  1. Swim: Despite its latitude, Lake Tashmoo is a relatively warm lake.  Its shallow, protected waters provide an ideal spot to take a dip.  It should be noted that the lake side is slightly warmer and calmer than the ocean side, so that may be your best swimming option.
  2. Kayak: The calm waters provide ideal paddling conditions, and its 270 acres ensure kayakers have plenty of room to maneuver.  It’s an ideal family adventure!
  3. Sunset cruise: Enjoy a Martha’s Vineyard sunset from the bow of a chartered sailboat.  Some charters allow visitors to bring food and drink aboard, making it possible to blend the sunset’s brilliant yellows and oranges with a ruby-red Pinot noir, or a golden chardonnay.  If you’re looking for a romantic outing, this has our vote.
  4. Fishing: Surf-casting is popular on Lake Tashmoo.  You can try fishing from the beach, the jetty, or perhaps even from a canoe or kayak.  If you’re a fisherman, it’s not to be missed!

Before (or after) Lake Tashmoo, visit nearby Vineyard Haven.  There, you can find multiple interesting experiences, including:

  1. Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary:  This wildlife sanctuary, located just outside Vineyard Haven, protects the area’s wildlife and habitat.  Visitors to the sanctuary may enjoy guided group tours, either by foot or kayak, learning about the area’s flora and fauna.  Have kids?  Bring them along!  The sanctuary hosts a variety of fun, child-friendly activities, such as Nature Bingo and a Mass Audubon Quest.  Don’t miss out on an adventure through this magnificent slice of Vineyard Haven!
  2. Flying Horses: Oak Bluffs, located just ten minutes from Vineyard Haven, boasts America’s oldest platform carousel.  Swing by this National Historic Landmark and, for only $1.50, take a ride on a century-old steed.
  3. Wandering: Vineyard Haven provides an ideal setting for a walk.  The town center, which is small enough to explore in a day, contains numerous shops hosting a variety of works by local artists and craftsmen.  One such example would be the Seaworthy Gallery, which sells stunning prints of the surrounding area, all captured in the sadly-disappearing medium of film photography.

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Feature Friday ~ Affordable Family Vacation Condo Rental in Tashmoo Cove

Tashmoo Cove Condos

These lovely condos have it all; including access to a private beach, multiple tennis courts and an Olympic size swimming pool. Each unit is large enough to accommodate a family of five.

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Each unit has a unique floor plan, which one works for your family? Tashmoo Cove Condos have great proximity to Mink Meadows Golf Course, and are only two miles away from the Steamship Authority.


 Tashmoo Cove Condo Rental

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Martha’s Vineyard Vacation Rental: Vineyard Haven’s Tashmoo

As you head down State Road out of the center of Vineyard Haven, your car rolls easily down a curving road. Big, old island trees line the road, and then something catches your eye. Off to the left, the trees clear, opening up first to a rolling field of grass and wildflowers and then to a bluer than blue expanse of water. You see two stone jetties closing the loop of rolling blue and then the ocean opens out and free. The view is of Tashmoo Pond a gorgeous loop of water surrounded by private beaches and soft, pale sand.

This week’s featured property sits near Tashmoo and is part of the Tashmoo Wood Condos located just away from the water in a beautiful wooded area with a pool, tennis courts and a private beach. The condo has beds and places around the dinner table for 6 with 3 bedrooms (2 queen beds, 2 twin beds) and 3 full bathrooms. Full of light on the inside, the condo also boasts a spacious deck for lazing in the sun and long, delicious meals in the Vineyard Sun.

For location, it’s hard to beat Tashmoo. You are certainly off the beaten path, surrounded by woods and water. It’s quiet, feels isolated and nature is everywhere you look. However, drive down the long winding dirt road, and you find yourself on State Road – literally two minutes from the Cronig’s grocery store, the movie rental store, miniature golf, and, of course, Main Street in Vineyard Haven and Bunch of Grapes bookstore, the movie theater, the best boutique shopping and incredible food (Zephrus for local, organic vittles and Sweet E’s for real, honest to goodness cupcakes – to name a couple!)

Contact me to learn more about this Tashmoo Woods Condo and other Tashmoo and Vineyard Haven vacation rentals on Martha’s Vineyard.